Federation Meeting

The latest  Federation meeting was held in Dundee at our 30th Birthday celebrations this year.

The agenda was very short with the main items under discussion being that of the annual fees and costs of materials. Scotland has already started to promote our Association with a bright new image by using Pop-ups to advertise our presence. The new style Certifictes are also in use and our Records books will follow shortly.


 It had been agreed last year that each Annual gathering would be advertised in the Newsletter and all members from either Scotland or England would be welcome to ask the appropriate organisers for an application form to attend, this will avoid some of the costs in admin for these events. (This has in fact always been the case). Also, in the main, future Federation meetings will be conducted electronically to further cut down on each Organisations expenses, by Skype or e-mail.


As was agreed last year, the number of Joint Newsletters has been reduced to 1 per year, but supplementary/interim bulletins are sent out at least once per year by each Managing Committee.


A proposal to include a page for News from Scotland is being considered.....watch this space!



Having heard nothing to the contrary, it is assumed that membership fees witll remain the same for the coming  year,2019-2020. Renewal fees are due to be received from 31st September and by 31st December at the latest whether you are a member in England or Scotland!


With a view to re-organising our membership files for The Discover England and to enable us to keep up to date records for all our members, it is important that we have full details of all members on their enrolment to The Discovery Award. To this end Bronze records books and Starter packs will only be available to new members after receipt of an application form and the correct fee for the year. The Bronze record book will be removed from the order form.


Committee Business Discovery England

The next committee meeting has been arranged for Monday 27th November and will be held at Staffordshire Guide Headquarters, Hixon.


If there is anything that you wish discussed at that meeting please write to the Chairperson or even better come to the meeting and discuss it with us face to face. You can e-mail us via the contact page or use     admin@discoveryaward.org.uk