The next Management Committee Meeting will be held at Hixon on Monday 26th November. If you have any items for discussion, please contact the committee via the contact page and let us know. As usual you may attend the meeting to put your point directly to the Committee, but please let us know to expect you!


On Tuesday 24th April The Dowager Countess of Harrowby welcomed Members of The Discovery Award to Sandon Hall for the 2018 Annual Business Meeting, for which we are extremely grateful. Thank you Janie!

 Approximately 50 members attended, enjoying the delightful surroundings and some excellent refreshments.

 I am sure all who attended enjoyed the day, some brought their work towards their latest award, all wonderful and very diverse, thank you, it was nice to have the opportuntiy to see what you had done.  There was time for questions and discussions on several proposals. Even a chance to look around part of the house. A new Committee was elected and all will be given a specific role to play on that committee. 

10 Awards were prewented by Lady Harrowby:


              BRONZE AWARDS to:                                                        SILVER AWARD TO:

          Linda Neat from Stone U3A                                Ally Whittaker from Manchester County Guides  

          Angela Worsnop from Longton Trefoil


                                                                   GOLD AWARDS TO:

                                                         Sue Hanlon from Stafford U3A  

                                                 Yvonne Hutchings from DOVE Group, Stafford 

                                                         Jenny Mason from Longton Trefoil

                                                         Andrea Smith from Longton Trefoi

                                                  Rita Thompson from GODOE, West Midlands

                                                          Jenny Wilson from Longton Trefoil

                                                    Pat Wilson from GODOE, West Midlands



Rosemary Braund from Cambridge Discoverers



    We have a new addition to our range of materials...a new booklet to help with your choices when choosing a challenge for the Service in the Community Section. Not only does it give you a list of challenges alredy been undertaken by Discoverers, but some useful tips and advice on what you need to think about before committing yourself.

You can order one from the office when you order other goods, or separately of course, for only 50p!


Our next Committee Meeting will be held at the Old School on Monday 4th July at 12noon. If you would like to attend, please let us know. Similarly if there is anything you wish to be discussed during that meeting please contact us by email the week before.


  At our Committee Meeting in November we were very pleased to hear that the Challenge for our 30 year Anniversary had raised the grand total of £1731.00 for BBC Children in Need. This has now been banked. Thank you to all who contribited to this project.

The subject of staffing our office in Nottingham was also disussed at length. It is currently run solely by four volunteers, with no paid staff and the weekly committment was becoming untenable.

Therefore it was decided that, as from the start of 2018, the office would only be manned once per month with an initial date in January when other members of the committee could visit and see what needed to be done and perhaps discuss other administrationmethods. It is hoped that members, either current or Gold Holders would volunteer to give one day a month so that a rota could be issued and hopefully we would then be able to at least open the office twice each month.This would avoid you all waiting at least four weeks for yourorders to be processed.

Realisticly we would expect those members living within easy reach of Nottingham to volunteer, and of course we would expect to cover their travel expenses. If you would like to know more please contact us via the Contact page and we will get back to you.


       OFFICE DATES FOR 2018


                The office will be open on each of these days from 10.00 am  until 12.00 noon

       MONDAY       May            14th

       MONDAY       June             4th           Members will be welcome to visit or bring in orders etc.

       MONDAY       July             2nd

       MONDAY       August         6th

       MONDAY       September   3rd

       MONDAY       October        1st

       MONDAY       November    5th 

       MONDAY       Decembe     3rd


The Discovery Award  celebrated its 30th birthday on 2nd September this year

It was a very special celebration and of course, held in Dundee, where The Discovery Award was founded all those years ago!

It was a joint celebration of both Discovery Scotland  and Discovery England. The venue was wonderful and a large number of delegates from Scotland, England and Northern Ireland had a joyful day, catching up with old friends and making some new!

Even Mr Laurie Young, one of the co-founders of our Award and long time Director was able to attend, he even helped us cut our Birthday Cake! The results of our Celebration Fundraising were also presented during the day. Scotland had, so far, collected over £1,000 and England £1,400.

After registration, a cheery cup of coffee and croissant, the morning started with a hearty welcome to all, a slide show of photos to bring back many happy memories and two extremely interesting speakers.

After a delightful lunch, we could even sit in the garden as it was such a wonderful day, we reconvened to the hall where many GOLD certificates were presented to both Scottish and English Members by The Dowager Lady Harrowby.

Unfortunately the list for Scotland is not yet to hand and is quite long. However three Gold Certificates were awarded to the following English members: Jenny Jewell of Stafford U3A, Julia Spencer of Lincolnshire, and for her Second Gold - Julie Pollard also from Lincolnshire.


Shirley Forbes, another member of the original group who started The Discovery Award and the very first to be invested with Honarary Life Membership, presented three Honorary Life Membership Certificates for Long Service to The Award. These were presented to Mr John Mackie, who unfortunately was unable to be with us that day. He will be presented at home by Mr Andrew Stewart in a few days time. We all hope he makes a speedy recovery and send him our good wishes! The other Awards were presented to Mr I Littlehales, Chairman of The England Management Committee and to Mrs Valerie Lampard also of The England Management Committee.


 Our Annual Gathering for 2016 took place in Nottingham at our HQ on Saturday 10th September.

Thank you to all those who attended, especially those who had quite a distance to travel. The weather that morning was not particularly good for travelling and the roads were quite busy.

The format for the morning was fairly informal and the questions and answers forum was quite useful in as much as many little queries could be resolved. After a very informal and short business meeting, three Awards were presented and by then it was time for lunch!

After that the delegates could either visit Lakeside Art Gallery, ride on Nottinham's new trams to a Garden Centre for afternoon tea or take the chance to go home early!

Congratulations to those who were awarded their Certificates and to those attending.


If you would rather receive information and renewal forms via e-mail, please let us know as this will help to reduce our overhead costs!

As you know, we do not have a telephone number for the office but you can always get in touch via our email address or the contact us page on this web site. You will be contacted as soon as possible. We are a membership organisation and run entirely by volunteers, so please be patient, orders may take up to 2 weeks to arrive with you.

Because your organisation is run by members for members on a voluntary basis we do need your help from time to time. So if you have particular skills or ideas to bring to YOUR organisation, please consider helping on the committee, either by joining us or on an ad hoc basis. If you would like to know more about us, just ask, but we do need help. If you or you know someone in your group who might be able to help us, just come and talk to us first, all expenses paid. However, it is preferred that only one person in a group is put forward for the committee in line with the Federation of Discovery Award's constitution, although exceptions can be made.