Welcome to the Discovery Award.




     March 23rd

     However if you wish to join us, due to the current advice regarding the COVID  19 EPIDEMIC,

     we have had to close our office for the foreseeable future and we ask you to delay your application 

     until later in the year as we are unable to process any new registrations or supply any Materials

     including Starter  Packs.             

     All queries by email, however, will still be dealt with.    


    August 4th


    Although we still cannot access our office until at least September at the earliest, we have been

    allowed a very small window to access our stores etc and been able to retrieve a reasonable supply

    of Starter Packs and other materials.

    So we are pleased to be able to take new registrations at last...

    Thank you everyone for your patience.

    Sadly due to the current restrictions there is no way that we will be able to hold our Annual Get  

    Together in September as planned, so that has now been cancelled.

    At our next Virtual Committee meeting in October we shall discuss this further and hope to have

    more news for you after that!

    The regulations currently in force for Covid19 are likely to still be in place towards the end of the  

    year meaning meetings of more than a few people  i.e numbers could be severely restricted or

    prohibited completely! We would hope to be able look to early 2021 to hold our next ANNUAL GET


   Annual subcsriptions...... It has been decided to delay requests for renewal of Membership fees,

   including those of Five Year Gold Holders until JANUARY 2021,so please dont get too concerned if

   you dont recieve a renewal notice this coming September.

   Please contact us by email, do not post anything to our office in Nottingham as it will not

   be collected. All enquiries should be made via our email   admin@discoveryaward.co.uk  or see 

   our Contact us page and all will be dealt with promptly!


    We will be posting all updates on this website frequently, as soon as we have news for you.


    Please visit this website , perhaps monthly to check if there is any news that may affect you.    

    These update will appear on our News from England Page.  Come back soon!



It will not surprise you to know that the Discovery Award Office at the Dunkirk Community Centre in Nottingham will be closed from Monday 23rd March until further notice because of the Coronavirus Pandemic and Government restrictions. Any requests for membership or for goods after Monday will not be dealt with as we cannot access the building, but anything which we have received up to that date will be dealt with next week. Any arrangements for the Annual gathering in September in Nottingham are also in doubt unless the Government lifts the restrictions announced today and alters the advice given in the past few days. We will of course keep you informed.
We sincerely hope you and your families keep well and that any of you living alone will be 'looked after' by family, neighbours, or friends. You are very welcome to email us at the Discovery Award with queries but otherwise we will hope to see you again in the not too distant future!
      The Discovery Award Committee.  

You are now visiting the official website of the Discovery Award for the UK,  which incorporates The Discovery Award in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. There are also members in Australia, Canada and Malta. All of whom  make up The Discovery Award Federation.


The Discovery Award is an achievement Award for all people 50 or over, regardless of personal capabilities, ethnic origin or place of residence.

If you have any queries about whether or not you should join us, please contact us and ask! The only criterion is that you are 50 years of age or more.




The Discovery Award got its name from the wonderful old ship anchored off Discovery Point in Dundee... it was Shackelton's ship of course....THE DISCOVERY!


If you have just discovered this site, please read on, you might find something of great interest to you.

The Discovery Award in England and Wales, The Discovery Award Australia and the Discovery Award in Scotland and Northern Ireland and others throughout the world are all sister organisations and, through The Discovery Award Federation, work to the same aims and principles to enhance the lives of all those over 50 years of age and to provide an incentive, through personal challenges, to lead a happy, healthy and active life in our later years.


To this end The Federation of Discovery Awards meet at least once each year to ensure that The Award is administered in the same manner throughout all the countries partaking in The Discovery Award.


What are the main aims of The Discovery Award?


The Award is aimed at all people over 50 years of age, to help promote an active and healthy lifestyle by offering challenges to both stimulate and motivate. The Discovery Award is a personal challenge, through a programme of your chosen leisure activities with no exam at the end. You need no special qualifications, just a willingness to have a go and the determination to do the very best that you personally achieve!!


             OVER 50?                   WHY NOT TAKE UP THE DISCOVERY AWARD CHALLENGE?


More and more people are accepting the challenge - an exciting and rewarding adventure for anyone over 50, regardless of state of health or ability.


                                                 The Challenge is to Discover;


      new strengths and hidden talents                                                   new interests  


          or new life in old interests                                          new and interesting people    


                                 the satisfaction of doing something for others, as well as self   


                                         & the joy of unexpected achievement



     What are the main features of the Discovery Award?


It is non competitive, you progress at your own pace and within your capabilities, whilst having fun and enjoying yourself at the same time.


There are three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold - each with specified time span and leading to its own certificate and badge.



Each level has four sections:  Service in the Community, Recreational pursuit, Hobby or Interest and finally; A Journey of Discovery (which need not be a physical journey or an expedition, but can be if you wish)


What will it cost?


The Annual fee at present is £7.00, but new members  will be asked to pay £11.50 to include the membership fee for a year, a Handbook, Record Book at Bronze level, other info in a Starter Pack, plus postage and packing. The Annual fee is renewable on September 1st each year.

Other costs will depend on whether or not you are part of a group or work alone and on the activities you choose for your challenges. These may or may not incur any costs. Award Materials such as further Record Books, Badges and Cerificates are relatively low in price and a price list for later use , together with a list of Mentors (to help you on your way) will be sent in your Starter Pack.


   DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU?          Read on and Discover more about us!



                     DONT THINK OLD!  


                                                      THINK BOLD


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                                     HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON