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Please e-mail us at the address below if you live South of the Border in ENGLAND or WALES and we will send you a form electronically or by snail mail if you would prefer.


If you live in SCOTLAND or NORTHERN IRELAND you should email directly by using the Contact Scotland details below!



      To contact The Discovery Award for ENGLAND and WALES                                                                                              please e-mail to:   for an application form  


   or for any other queries/help  use  


  Due to the current situation with Covid 19 our office address has been removed so please do contact us via email for now. Do not use the address shown on any of our forms as we cannot access our office or post, therefore it will not be picked up and will remain unanswered! We do hope that we can get back to near normal soon!


Your enquiry will be dealt with as promptly as possible


Now you have read all about us, we hope you will want to join us.


To order Award materials from The Discovery Award  England and Wales, please email and ask for an order form. See below!


Enquiries for Scotland Only


To contact The Discovery Award England or The Discovery Award Scotland, please use the contacts below for the region in which you reside!

  The Discovery Association Scotland

Ancrum Outdoor Education Centre

10 Ancrum Road



Scotland now shares this website, but if you wish to write for an application form or more information the address is:

You may also e-mail to: